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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kennedy's 6th birthday { Sept. 2011}

The day after Savanah's birthday is always followed by Kenny's birthday. 
This year she celebrated her 6th birthday.
Kennedy never has a big preference for what she wants. 
She is very easy to please.

We woke her up before school also to celebrate and open presents.
She was so excited! 
She kept saying "I am old now!" 

Time is just flying by too fast! I hate seeing all my babies growing up!
Here are 6 things we absolutely LOVE about Kennedy.

1. She is strong willed. To some this may seem hard, but it really is a great strength. She won't be pushed around and won't conform to something she doesn't want to do. I think this will come in handy with the peer pressures of teenage years!:)
2. She is so loving. She is always giving Beau and I hugs and kisses.
3. Her laugh! She makes Beau and I laugh everytime she gets a good laugh going.
4. She is sweet. She has such a sweet side. She is always giving sweet compliments to her siblings.
5. She loves to sing. You can find Ken singing all day long. And she has a beautiful voice.

Love you Piddle Princess!
Here are some pics from her birthday session. 

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