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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Savanah's 10th Birthday {Sept. 2011}

I can't believe that our little princess is growing up. 
She is now 10 years old.
 We still haven't figured out how to invent a "life pause button" but it is still in the works. :)

We woke Savanah up bright an early before school started to open her presents.
Grandma Patsy was also here for her birthday which she loved.

After School we had cake....but before we got to it...I found this...
 HAHAHAHA.....I wanted to be mad, but he is just too cute! Plus, Savanah didn't mind.

Savanah was excited for her cake. She told us she had a special birthday wish to make...
{wish I knew what it was, but her lips were sealed}
 Happy Birthday Sweet Savanah!
 You sure are a good girl!
Here are 10 of our favorite things about Savanah

1. She is so good.
2. She is really sensitive to the spirit and the needs of others.
3. Her smile can light up a bad day.
4. She is always happy.
5. She helps out with the other kids so much.
6. She is so smart and loves school.
7. She plays the piano so well, and will spend hours at the keys playing away.
8. She loves sports and playing outside.
9. She is quick to break up fights.
Happy Birthday! 
We did a little birthday shoot for her too...
{we ended up doing it later in November}

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