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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White Clouds {Part 4}

We had planned the day after Crater Lake to hit Frog Lake too, but decided to just chill out around camp and relax. So we pushed frog lake off for a day. Hanna and I read The Help out loud and let the girls play "maid". A divine new game where basically they let us do whatever we wanted and served us. HA!
The kids rode their ATV's and dirt bikes, hiked, we ate and ate and ate, and went on nature drives to take pictures!

These are all random pictures from around the camp....but some of my favs!
Sweet Finley
 Lukas pretty much sat on this 4 wheeler the whole time we were in camp.
 Gabe kept using his walking stick to just lounge out. I caught him standing this often.


Katie Lee said...

That picture of Gabe is PRICELESS! Love it!~ And little Lukie & Finners are so cute (and dirty) :) Miss camping already. so ready for the snow to melt (and it only started yesterday.)

Hanna in the House... said...

Love it all, and can't wait to post al of my goodies!