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Sunday, December 18, 2011

More July

My grandmother passed away in July so we headed up North for her funeral. A lot of times we aren't able to move our vacation and we unfortunately have to miss out on more than we would like. So we were glad we were able to transfer some vacation to be able to go. 
I love the gospel so much. Knowing that she is reuniting with loved ones and three of her children makes loss so much easier. We loved hearing everyone's memories of her at her funeral.

We decided, since we were there,  to make a long weekend of our travel and enjoy families company as well. We got to be with all of my family at Alison's house for a bbq and some fun family time.
( I hate that I forgot my camera so I don't have pictures to document it. )
We enjoyed massages, guitar hero, lots of laughing, and Lagoon.

We were headed back up to Idaho at the end of the month which also allowed us to take our Nephew, Jamen,  home with us for a week. Jamen and our children had never been to Lagoon so you can imagine how exciting it was for them. We convinced my sister Hanna, her husband Chris, and their kids, and also my brother Eli and his wife Savanah to hit Lagoon with us as well.
(Once again kicking myself for forgetting the camera)
We went from the time it opened, 11 AM, until the time it closed, 11 PM. The kids were in heaven. Savanah was our most fearless rider. It was perfect to have more adults than us to ride too. Beau and I both get severe motion sickness, so between all the adults, the kids could ride as much as they liked.

When we got back to Cedar. We did so many fun things while Jamen was here. Beau took Jamen and Caleb shooting, to the Pawn shops, and stores. The kids made tree forts acrossed the street, went to Maverik, almost every day for treats, played video games, slept outside, and had so much fun enjoying one another. 
Beau and I got to take  the kids fishing to the kids pond as well.

Here are some photo highlights of our fishing adventure.
 Caleb being silly...
 Savanah DID NOT want to take them home for a fish fry. She was disturbed for some reason this time and just wanted to let her fish go.
 I loooove these pictures. 
From behind you would think , with their coloring and hair, that they were twins.

We hope this next summer to have more nephews and nieces come stay with us. 
It was so memorable to get that one on one time.

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Katie Lee said...

looks like so much fun! I need to start sending my kiddos (when we went down to alis he kept thinking he was going to see Lukas and Kennedy... wrong family!) :) Miss your kids, so adorable!