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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thanksgiving {2011}

We feel so blessed to have family come to us for Thanksgiving. 
This year Ali, Brian and Beth came and so did my sister Rebecca, Allen, and there kiddos. 
It was the first time I got to see my new nephew Calvin as well.

Isn't he adorbs?
We spent the morning of baking.
Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without Rebecca's divine Heart Attack Roll-ups.
You can find more delish recipes @

Savanah helped in the kitchen all morning. She loves to cook.
heart attack roll ups
Beth was begging for table scraps...ha
While we cooked and baked the boys went to play football at the turkey bowl.
This picture makes me laugh

We had so much yummy food
Here is our 2011 tablescaping....
 Some of the highlights from our Thanksgiving are
Listening to Becca, Allen, and Ali singing to Allen's guitar.
St. George picnic in the park.
Cousins playing so well together.
Movie watching

It was also nice to have help. 
I was pretty sick being pregnant and didn't keep much down the entire time they were here. 
So I felt pretty weak most of the time.

I LOVE my family so much. 
I have the best sisters ever!
Like our twinner hats?
 We are so glad they came!

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