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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Annual Ugly Sweater Party {Dec. 2011}

Every year Beau and I host a "Ugliest Sweater Christmas Party". Due to being extremely ill with this pregnancy, I just wasn't feeling up to much hosting.
 I didn't do a Halloween party this year either.
 Luckily a good friend decided to throw it instead!

I must say that their wasn't near as many troopers this year. 
I was disappointed at the lack of costume.
Maybe we will have to make it mandatory to get in this year...tehe.

We had some fun games. The Newly Wed game, White Elephant exchange, and a Singing Bee , which were both hilarious.
I think some of the things people said will forever be in my mind! 
This is Sharon preforming her best at the Singing challenge! She can sing!
Kurt and Beau. I am thinking this might make a HILAR Christmas greeting card. What do you think?
Farah and her headband....LOVE
This was my favorite White Elephant gift. A White Trash Nascar Shirt made from mens undies. I think I laughed so hard I peed a little...hahah...j/k
Shaun and his sweater jacket.

We have some of the best friends here in Cedar. 
 I can't wait for next years party!

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