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Thursday, December 22, 2011

White Clouds...Part 5 Frog Lake and Willow

Frog Lake was such a fun experience. We loaded the kids up nice and early and headed up to the trail head to start our hike. Beau and Chris took Chandler, Kennedy, Finley, Lukas, and I to the top of the hill. I should have clued in that Hanna wanted to hike. I was thinking "I totally want to cheat and ride" ummm.....what the HECK was I thinking. My long ole' legs kept hitting rocks, trees, shrubs, and maybe even perhaps small rodents...tehe. YOWZER! That hurt! I think if I am ever to go to Frog again I will also be hiking a good portion or have my own dirtbike to ride! 
This is the top of the mountain where the dropped me off..
 It was a beautiful hike down! Lots of lush greenery and beautiful flowers! 
 Getting closer tot he lake.... Beau caught up with us and took the babies farther down with him.
 We finally made it to Frog Lake and it was so fun. True to it's name there were frogs everywhere. It provided hours of entertainment for the kiddos.

 I sat and watched these weird humming bird bees?....for hours.
 Here a  few different views from the lake.
 I also sat and watched these dragon flies for hours. Determined to capture them.
 There was also beautiful flowers everywhere....
 Beau just relaxed and had a blast watching the kids fish and catch frogs.
 After we picnicked at Frog Lake and  spent several hours we decided to hike down to another little lake called Willow. That hike was equally beautiful!
My cute sissy Hanna Banana!
 Caleb getting some drink-age

 Willow Lake
 We didn't stay to long because it was getting late and we needed to make it back before it got too dark. So after about an hour we started the hike back up.This time I wanted to hike a little before I had to be tortured with riding again! HA

 Of course the scenery was so worth the hike and the trip,. I still am in awe of White Clouds and seriously get why it is a MUST every year for my hubby, but spending all the time  camping and hiking with my sister, bro-in-law, and nieces and nephew was equally worth it! We have such a special bond and I LOVED every minute of it. I definitely would love to be able to go with all of my siblings again!
 I am pretty sure that all of our family would answer the same that this was our favorite trip hands down for summer 2011.  We are looking forward to doing it again.

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