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Thursday, May 9, 2013


I can't believe  she is one already! 
I just need her to stop growing!

House Tour

We are loving our new home. 
We had sold most of our things before we moved to Idaho,  so it will be fun to start all over and try new things.
 I loved my Cedar City home, but we were pretty crammed. So it is nice to have the finished sq footage w/ some unfinished room to grow.

 Don't mind the boxes, someday I will be fully unpacked.
One of the things we love is that we are in a culdesac.
 Our street isn't overly busy and our kids can play out front..bonus!

This is the front room and entry way.
Here is the view as you walk in.
The dining part of the kitchen looks down into the family room.
I thought I might hate it, but I actually really LOVE it!
The laundry/mud room is off of the kitchen and leads out to the garage.
Family room
We love all of the windows in this house. You never have to turn lights on during the day!
Off to the left of the family room is another staircase leading down to the unfinished basement.

Bedroom #4 off of the family room
Bathroom #3  off of the family room
Bedroom #1  I can't decide if this room will stay a bedroom or be an office space.
Bedroom #2
The shelves will be going. They were in every  room in this house.
 I have fun plans for this room and can't wait to paint and redo to the window seat!

Bathroom #2 

Bedroom #3
Master Bedroom
Bathroom #1
Master Bathroom
It has a  walk in shower too!
Can I tell you how excited we are to have our own bathroom?
This is pretty much what sold me, 100%, on this house.
 A giant fenced in backyard!
 Now it just needs some trees.

 We feel so blessed to have been guided to this home.  We can now see that it was worth the long wait. There were too  many different things that happened to direct us here, for us to not recognize that the Lord guided us here.
My dad is the first person who sent us the link to this home.
We both wanted to live farther out in the country and just disregarded it. After we had spent a weekend trip in Idaho house hunting, we felt completely discouraged.
Most of the homes we liked had other offers in or they were in the process of being approved for a short sale, but not yet approved. 
So we knew the wait would be long. 

My dad was persistent {thank goodness} and kept telling us to look at this home.
My sister Hanna even went to this home with our realtor and video recorded the whole house to send to us in Cedar.
 We liked it from the video and decided, without looking at it in person, to put an offer on it.
{This home was also in the middle of a short sale process and we knew it could take forever so we more or less put the offer in as a "just in case" we didn't find anything else.}

When we moved to Idaho we finally had the chance to see it in person. 
I was instantly in love. I started to realize that we hadn't given this house a REAL thought or chance.
 I really wanted this home.
 I could see potential, I could envision our lives in this home, and I also wanted to be part of the community. 
 We were encouraged by our realtor to keep looking because the banks were having a tough time negotiating a price.  Our realtor was not optimistic this home wouldn't go into foreclosure.

I felt this home slip away several times through our house hunting process. And every time I felt so sad
   Our realtor told us several times to "move on" but Icould never  100%   just let it go. 

And I am so glad that I didn't! 
I recognize now that Heavenly Father was with us every step of the way. He was guiding us in the BEST direction possible for our family.

It was a tough process, but SO WORTH THE WAIT!
We LOVE our new home and are excited to start our life here!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Settling In

We are settling in quite nicely to our new home and new little city. I never thought I would move back to the hometown I grew up in, but I am so glad we did.  The kids have so much more freedom to walk and ride their bikes and play.
It has been good for me to not be in constant "panic mode" all the time.

We love the view of where we live. You can see the foothills from our home and the windmills.
 And just a few miles up the hill we get to enjoy these views.

 It is a different kind of beauty than Cedar City. We miss the Cedar trees, red rocks, and beautiful mountains but there is something so beautiful about the open fields, endless lakes, and green lush mountains here too.

We love that we live closer to family! 

 Dylan, Lukas, and Tebbin all playing monkey's in a tree.

 I think the thing we LOVE the very most is having daddy home every night a decent hour. He has worked long hours for over 8 years, so this slower pace of life is much appreciated. 
Can you tell Scarlett loves her daddy?

 Life here is feeling a little bit more settled and it feels so nice.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Loving the View

Who wouldn't love to wake up to a beautiful sunrise?
I love where I live!