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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time {2011}

Christmas Eve was very fun. I baked crepes all day long so I wouldn't have to on Christmas Morning. We cleaned the house and just had a nice calm day. We read our favorite Christmas books and shared some of our favorite Christmas memories. 
For dinner, we headed up to the Church's to have a nice dinner with the Barricks and them.

I felt so close to the spirit all day long. 
It is such a magical time of year celebrating the Saviors birth and reflecting on what Christmas is all about.
I am sure being pregnant was the culprit for my teary eyes most of the day.

After dinner we read the birth of the Savior from the bible and headed back home.
The kids got to open up their Christmas Eve jammies beofre they got into bed.
 Surprisingly they fell asleep pretty quickly!

Here they are the next morning waiting on the stairs for dad to give them the "o.k." to come down.
{He had to set up the recorder and start a fire}

The kids, as always, got spoiled.
 Their favorite thing they got this year were
Savanah- her bb gun
Caleb- his Dsi
Kennedy- her Ds
Lukas- his dump truck

We spent the rest of Christmas day enjoying each other. Watching old movies, munching on crepes all day, and a delicious ham for dinner!

Merry Christmas!


Happy 11th Anni Babe {Dec. 2011}

Eleven years have come and gone. I can't quite believe it. 
We have accomplished so many things together.
We have four beautiful children, and one on the way. 
We have shared 4 different places we have called home together. 
We have experienced some lows and many highs. 
We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together, worried together, and have shared so many wonderful experiences of life. 
We have grown and formed  a special unbreakable bond. 
We have shared the many experiences that come from parenthood. 
We have played, vacayed, and been content to sit at home. 
We have continued to date and  have found time to continually grow in our relationship. 
We have done so many many things, but I think the greatest thing we have accomplished is doing all these things together.
You are my partner in crime, my confidante, my rock, and my best friend.
Life wouldn't be so simply wonderful, so beautifully sweet, and so worth it without you by my side!
I love you babe!
Eternally yours,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Annual Ugly Sweater Party {Dec. 2011}

Every year Beau and I host a "Ugliest Sweater Christmas Party". Due to being extremely ill with this pregnancy, I just wasn't feeling up to much hosting.
 I didn't do a Halloween party this year either.
 Luckily a good friend decided to throw it instead!

I must say that their wasn't near as many troopers this year. 
I was disappointed at the lack of costume.
Maybe we will have to make it mandatory to get in this year...tehe.

We had some fun games. The Newly Wed game, White Elephant exchange, and a Singing Bee , which were both hilarious.
I think some of the things people said will forever be in my mind! 
This is Sharon preforming her best at the Singing challenge! She can sing!
Kurt and Beau. I am thinking this might make a HILAR Christmas greeting card. What do you think?
Farah and her headband....LOVE
This was my favorite White Elephant gift. A White Trash Nascar Shirt made from mens undies. I think I laughed so hard I peed a little...hahah...j/k
Shaun and his sweater jacket.

We have some of the best friends here in Cedar. 
 I can't wait for next years party!

Christmas Tree {2011}

Christmas time already?
We got an early start on our Christmas Tree hunting this year. Beau had already GPS-ed them a few months before. So after my family left from the Thanksgiving Holiday we headed up to the mountains with the Church family to chop down our trees.

I will admit that I liked our tree...but it seemed kindof baron, so I gave Beau a hard time. 
But when it was all decorated I realized that it was my favorite tree to date, so I had to apologize.

Now I am in full Christmas Mode.
My shopping is almost done, but let the music and festivities begin.

1st Dance Recital {November 2011}

 The girls both started dance this year from Dance Magic and the Ballet School. 
They are both so excited about it. 
Savanah is on a Varsity team and Kennedy is on a majestic Competition team.
This was their first recital and they did so good, although they were both a little nervous!

 We are excited to watch and see how they progress!

Thanksgiving {2011}

We feel so blessed to have family come to us for Thanksgiving. 
This year Ali, Brian and Beth came and so did my sister Rebecca, Allen, and there kiddos. 
It was the first time I got to see my new nephew Calvin as well.

Isn't he adorbs?
We spent the morning of baking.
Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without Rebecca's divine Heart Attack Roll-ups.
You can find more delish recipes @

Savanah helped in the kitchen all morning. She loves to cook.
heart attack roll ups
Beth was begging for table scraps...ha
While we cooked and baked the boys went to play football at the turkey bowl.
This picture makes me laugh

We had so much yummy food
Here is our 2011 tablescaping....
 Some of the highlights from our Thanksgiving are
Listening to Becca, Allen, and Ali singing to Allen's guitar.
St. George picnic in the park.
Cousins playing so well together.
Movie watching

It was also nice to have help. 
I was pretty sick being pregnant and didn't keep much down the entire time they were here. 
So I felt pretty weak most of the time.

I LOVE my family so much. 
I have the best sisters ever!
Like our twinner hats?
 We are so glad they came!

Halloween { Oct. 2011}

I love Halloween. 
I love the excitement of the kids, the pumpkin Carving, costume picking, baking, sweet treats, and parties.

We always kick off October with a FHE night of pumpkin Carving.
Beau is such a good dad. He enjoys this as much as the kids do!
Caleb being silly
Kenny posing like always.
Is it a little bright Savanah? :)

This year Savanah was a Zombie, Caleb was a Grimm Reaper, Kennedy was a skeleton, and Lukas was a Penguin.
They looked so cute in their costumes.

We went trick or treating with Jake and his kids. 
Afterwards we enjoyed our traditional soup feast with the Church family.
This little penguin was struggling to get his bag open.

Happy Halloween!

Signs of Fall {Ocotober 2011}

I can't believe we are into fall already. 
The wind is changing, the smell in the air is different, the leaves have turned colors,
my cocoa mixes are well stocked and mugs are ready to go.
Oh I just LOVE fall, don't you?

{Braffits Canyon}