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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White Clouds {Part 3} Hot Pools

Another complete bonus to base camping lower and then driving to the hikes is that we have access to the natural hot pools every night. It is a few miles drive from camp and a short walk. This hot tub was just put right by the riverside and a pipe runs down to filter in the HOT water. We went every night. We would take the kiddos and later at night take turns as couples and just go with our spouses. 
It was DIVINE! 
I couldn't believe the endless stars in the sky.
It was soooo dark but the stars were so clear and visible!
 Luke liked his own personal hot tub....:)
 Notice Caleb's swollen eyes....he got bite and his face swelled up.
hmmmm......I really need to convince Beau to get me a Hot Tub for our back patio.

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Katie Lee said...

Loved that hot pool when we used it for our reunion two years ago. I need to get back up to the white clouds!