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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I can't believe it is FINALLY here. The past four months have flown by and equally gone just as slow. It has been an emotional roller coaster trying to close on our house. We came close to "throwing in the towel" and almost closed on another home, but thankfully the Lord has guided us through this process. 

Moving again is a little overwhelming, to say the least. We are excited to give Katie and Cameron back their home and so appreciative to them for letting us stay, but the endless amounts of boxes to pack and unpack again seems a tad daunting. Thank goodness for my family who has been so helpful in hauling boxes, making trips, and even helping us unpack a little. 

It's a MESS right now, but we are glad for this blessing.

Welcome to our new home.

 The boxes seem endless...
..and the floor seems yet to be discovered.

A day later and it is slightly looking better. We still have so much to do but the "shock" is wearing off and we are starting to get excited.

 We are going to order granite and redo the countertops soon!
 I wait to work on painting the walls and making it feel more like "Us".

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning, Ever Learning

I can't believe that we have been in Idaho now for 4 months. We planned on living with my sister Katie and her family for about a month while we found a home. But the house process has proved to be a bugger. 
We found 2 houses that both seemed to fit our needs and put an offer in on both. Since they were both short sales we decided this might help us get into a home sooner.
 January went by and we heard nothing. February came and I started to feel discouraged, but half way through the month we were told that one of the homes had counter offered. We negotiated, gave our second offer and they accepted. So for about 5 days we were told we had that home. 
Our energy was high, we were so excited and then thrown a curve ball. Our realtor came back and told us that because this particular home had a HUGE second mortgage on it, the second bank didn't agree to the first bank and we no longer had the house. As you can imagine we felt deflated. This home had felt SO right.
I had spent countless nights decorating this home in my head, dreaming about how I would make it ours, and then to be told "oops..nevermind" felt devasting.
I will admit that this whole process has been a real struggle for me. I have my moments of faith where I feel like we moved here on a leap of faith and everything will work out in the Lord's time. Then I have my moments of doubt and wonder "what the heck" or "maybe I should have stayed behind until Beau found us something." The truth is...although sometimes I doubt....I know we were suppose to move back. It has been a blessing to be around family again. 
I cannot doubt the answers I had recieved when I prayed about moving her. Yet I am still so human and tend to forget in my moments of doubt to "just have faith" as my husband so often tells me.

Another month flew by and guess what? The other house in Rigby we had an offer on accepted our offer. But I felt nothing. I didn't feel excited. I felt conflicted and confused. I convinced myself that I had just shut down my emotions due to the constant yo-yo effects of the "what-if's" and waiting.
I should have felt happy. This home was a dream home. GORGEOUS kitchen, plenty of room to grow, something we could be in forever. But I just didn't feel quite right. 
Isn't it beautiful? 
I think more than anything else...I was in love with the kitchen!

 We had the inspection done. The whole while I just kept deciding that since nothing else had fit our family, the other home was still a wild card, and there was nothing on the market that felt right, this must just be where we were suppose to be. 
I tossed and turned the night after our inspection. Praying to feel peace about moving forward.

That next morning we got a phone call. We were told that the first home, we thought we had, had also accepted our offer. That the paperwork had been done and negotiations between the two banks had finished and that we could also accept this home.
Talk about CONFUSED. 
I thought the answer would be obvious but really just felt more torn then ever. I went to bed that night feeling completely defeated. Beau was also torn. The bigger of the two house {the one pictured above} had it's perks, but also some downs. The one that just pulled through, slightly smaller, had many ups and some downs too. They seem to be equal.

I pleaded with Heavenly Father to help us to find peace and also to help guide us. 
I dreamed that night about both the homes. They were both layed out before me..the pros and cons were about equal and obvious. I knew in my dream that both were good options. Both would fit our families needs. Both would have room to grow and stay awhile. 
I then felt such peace.
I knew that the decision was easy. We just needed to pick the one that would be BEST for our family. 
Again, feeling that there wasn't a right or wrong answer.

I woke up feeling better. I told Beau about my dream. We decided to go look at the first home again. Maybe, seeing them back to back, one day after each other, might help us see which one fit better.
We went to the home again. This time with a new perspective. We nitpicked and made sure that we compared the 2 homes the best we could.
It was pretty obvious after we left. 
This second home may not have a large dream kitchen, like the one above, but it did have way more positive things that would be beneficial to our family now as well as in the future.

We told our Realtor we had changed our mind and to cancel the process for the Rigby home.
We knew that THIS home is where we were suppose to be right now.
I am so excited! I can't wait to post pictures of it!

I wish through all of this I could have not been such a basket case and could have just had perfect faith. But I am human. I am learning! Continually learning. And although that can be hard I have to choose to let it be progression not digression. Thank goodness for the gospel that always brings me peace and clarity when I need it the most.
Watching my children struggle through this transition has not been easy. Feeling like we are in limbo and still on vacation hasn't been easy. I am ready for my storage shed to be unpacked. I am ready for my children to have their things and also feel like this is permanent. They often ask "when are we going back to Cedar."
I think being in our home will help them transition more fully.

We feel forever blessed by my sister Katie and her husband Cameron's willingness to open their home and let us be part of their family. We have learned so much about them and have formed a special kind of love for them. It could not have been easy going from a family of 4 to having 11 people in their home. 
Yet, they did it. And we are so grateful.
We like to call them the "good innkeepers" and really they are. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Now fingers crossed there will be no other glitches.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend

Beau hates, I mean HATES, when I say that conference "is like the Superbowl for the Latter Day Saints and everyone comes out a winner", but I say it anyways. I like to make lots of yummy finger foods to munch all weekend long. I guess that is why I call it the Superbowl, 'cause of all the food. Plus, HELLO, spiritual feast. hahaha.....ok I will stop. 
I think I am so funny so that is all that matters. 

I loved all of the conference talks. I love our Prophet Thomas S. Monson.We are blessed to have a living Prophet. He announced the building of a temple in Cedar City, Utah and to say we are so excited would be an understatement. We will definitely go back to go through it!
 The talks were all so good. Plus, I really was needing some uplifting and motivating.
Some of my favorites were...
Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf, he talked about the hope of God's light.
He said
"There may be some among you who feel darkness encroaching upon you," he said. "You may feel burdened by worry, fear, or doubt. To you and to all of us, I repeat a wonderful and certain truth — God's light is real. It is available to all. It gives life to all things. ... It can illuminate the path before us and lead us through the darkest night into the promise of a new dawn."

I also loved  Sister Rosemary m. Wixom's talk about the Words we speak.
I liked what she said about disconnecting from the media around us. To speak softly, with love.
My favorite qoute from her talk was when  She cited a recent study
" showed that when a parent of an 18-month-old was more engaged with his phone than with his child, there was "a dimming of the child's internal light, a lessening of the connection between parent and child." She suggested finding a time each day to "disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other." 

My favorite talk from all the sessions was given by
Elder Craig A. Cardon about the Savior's willingness to Forgive.
This talk touched me so much. 
Elder Cardon explained that "no one needs suppose that this forgiveness comes without repentance," but, in His mercy, the Savior does not demand immediate perfection. "Even with the multitude of sins occasioned by the weakness of mortality, as often as we repent and seek His forgiveness, He forgives, again and again."
I LOVED this.
It was a beautiful weekend.  
Hanna and Chris had us over for some of the sessions which was so nice.
We took a drive between the Saturday sessions to see how far we could make it into my dad's land. We made it all the way. I must admit he has one of the most beautiful properties by Wolverine Canyon.
I love that my dad bought this land for all of us to enjoy over the years. It is nice to be able to get to use it now that we are back.
There was still snow up in the mountains, so of course a snowball fight was in order.
 The kids were in heaven. They loved hiking around and playing outside.
 I, of course, enjoyed taking pictures of everything around me!
I have missed seeing the Idaho Sate bird, the mountain bluebird. So beautiful!

 I can't wait to reread the conference talks again. I am already looking forward to the next Superbowl...errrrr...I mean Conference weekend. {tehe}

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Caleb's Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a party for Caleb. He decided that since he LOVES sports so much lately that he wanted a party at the park where we could play kickball and basketball.
I was totally on board because that made my party planning incredibly easy.
What a handsome kid.
He got lots of basketball stuff since it is his current favorite sport. He is really good at it too. We can't wait to put him on a team.  
I can' t believe he is 10...really I can't!
We played kickball first, adults against kids.
I wish I would have gotten more pictures, I was having to much fun playing.
These two were talking strategy.

Scarlett was determined to play too.
 After kickball the dads and sons played basketball.
I think Caleb had a perfect party. Exactly what he wanted!
I was so relieved too. 
The afternoon of his birthday, after he got home from school, he burst into tears. He kept saying nothing was wrong and that he just felt sad. I think he has had the toughest time of all my children adjusting to the move, to living with people, changing school, you name it. I felt so bad for him and was worried that he may not have a better night.

My sweet Caleb tends to hold so much in and I think it just all came spilling out.
Poor thing. 
 I think a party was the PERFECT thing to cheer him up. Later that night he apologized for crying and told me that he wasn't sure why he felt so sad. He told me that he just wanted a home so badly. I let him know that it was ok to feel sad and sometimes we all just need a good cry!
Oh I just love that kid. 
He really is so tender despite the tough exterior he puts on. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My 10 Year Old Boy

Happy Birthday to my handsome 10 Year Old boy. I can't believe it has been 10 years since we saw you for the first time. We instantly fell in love with him!
 I can still remember Caleb's birth experience like it was yesterday. My heart filled to the brim when I got to snuggle my little man for the first time and has been overflowing with love for him ever since.
Caleb is such a sweet, stubborn, and good boy.
He definitely likes to tease but also has the most compassionate nature about him . He is the BEST big brother. He is always looking out for his siblings. He is the first to comfort one of them when they get hurt. He puts on such a tough demeanor, but he really is such a sweet little boy.

Here are our TOP TEN favorite things about Caleb
1. He is very kind hearted when wants to be.
2. He LOVES his family.
3. He worries about his siblings safety every day.
4. He has a contagious smile and laugh.
5. He can cook oatmeal and Cream O' Wheat better than anybody we know. And could make it for breakfast every morning if we let him.
6. He LOVES the outdoors and he is always up for a new adventure.
7. He is very talented and smart.
8. He loves sports and is naturally athletic.
9. He is a very determined boy. He accomplishes anything he sets his mind to.
10. He brings joy and happiness to our life everyday!

We love you Caleb. 
The Lord knew you were the perfect fit for our family. You have taught us so much about life, patience, love, happiness, and family! We thank Heavenly Father everyday for you in our lives. We can't believe that 10 years has so quickly passed us by. Stop growing little man....'cause before we know it you will be all grown up!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Fever

I can barely get my kids in the house these days. The weather has been so sunny and nice.
 I think we have been spoiled in the past from living in sunny Southern Utah. It seems the the winter season was infinitely long here in Idaho. So the second the sun peeks out my kids are ready to play outside. Katie and Cameron's sidewalk, driveway, and paver rocks {sorry} have been covered completely in chalk. Their feet become an unrecognizable shade of brown from walking barefoot everywhere. They are filthy from head to toe from playing so hard. They smell like puppies { joke} when they come in from playing outside. And their cheeks are finally getting rosy from the warm rays of the sun!
I think we all have a serious case of Spring Fever!

Bring on the Sun.....we are ready!

When it is sunny I take the opportunity to head outside with my kids to capture them and everything around me. Picture taking is definitely my form of meditation.
All of my kids LOVE being outside. But Lukas takes the cake. He is 100% in love with being outside. Cold, wet, muddy, dirty, in any kind of weather you can find him riding his bike and exploring whats around him.

 I think Scarlett is going to take after her big brother too. She squeals when we go outside. She likes to peel of her socks as fast as she can figure them out and walk all around. I have loved watching her discover the feel of the earth beneath her toes.
She is in love with Luke.
Willow wants to be outside every chance she can get as well.
 Can I say it again....
Bring on the SUN!
Pretty Please??

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cress Creek

How could I have possibly forgotten how beautiful Idaho is? I remember some beautiful things...but when we went on this hike today, I was quickly reminded how much Idaho has to offer.
 I love seeing the farmers fields. The rich dark soil. That may seem weird but after living in the desert with sand and clay, soil is beautiful to me.

For FHE my dad, sister Sharla, and her family invited us to go for a hike with them to Cress Creek. I am sad to say I had never been before. It was so beautiful. A perfect hike for any family.

I kept teasing my dad telling him he was "April Fool-sing" all the other hikers with his extraordinary outfit! haha.
Oh dad your fashion sense is so fun! I love this picture of Dylan and Lukas trying to keep up with him.

I will definitely take the kids on this hike again. They LOVED it!
Here are some picture in random order.

These two are so cute together. I can't believe there is a year between them. Lukas is one big kid.
This is my nephew Emmit. I wish I could get inside his little mind. He is so fun to watch and always in his own little world.
 Fatherhood suits him so well!
I love this picture! These 2 are some of our favorite people. Beau and I love getting to spend time with their family.
We spotted lots of Mule Deer...Can you see them?
It is so good to be back in this beautiful state. We can't wait to explore new places and enjoying how beautiful Idaho is, even more. 
Hmmmm.....I wonder if he loved it to??