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Monday, April 1, 2013

Days like today....

So I have good intentions to re enter the world of blogging. I have had 5 books made from my past years of posting. After I saw our life  all beautifully bound in hardback I was determined to be a better blogger. As life would have it, I am still struggling getting back on track.
Regardless, I am still determined to make sure I blog more often. My kid's precious childhoods are fleeting. Time is flying by too quickly and I find myself more and more anxious to just be able to pause time and relish in the moments I have with them.

The move to Idaho has come with so many wonderful ups and a few hard downs. We thought for sure we would be in a home within a month of being here. However, four months later and we are just barely getting closer to closing on a short sale. I am bound and determine to change the name of "short sale" to "longest sale of my life-EVER." We have truly enjoyed our time staying  with my sister Katie and her family, but we are also ready to start feeling like we live in Idaho, instead of feeling like we are still visitors. I only packed a small box per person. So needless to say, the kids are just as anxious to get unpacked and settled. 

The last few weeks the kids have been so homesick for Cedar. It has been hard watching them show emotions and question why we moved here. I know once we are out of transition and more settled in life will get easier. I have found myself questioning, more than once, "why are we here?" I know we are suppose to be here and we truly we want to be here, but when we are homesick it is easy to feel discouraged.

It is days like to today though that remind me of how blessed we are to live by our families again. We have such wonderful siblings. It has been so fun watching the ways they all parent and learning from them. They are all such good parents. I have missed so much being able to just hang out at the park and just enjoy one each others company.

Today was the perfect park day. The sun was shining, the kids had endless energy, and all of my sisters {who live here} were able to get together.

Katie,Sharla, and Hanna
 Kailey was there with us too but I didn't get a picture of her or Chloers that the sun was too bright in. Dang!

Lukas took Scarlett down the slide and she LOVED it.
This is Scarlett's first time on the swings. She couldn't stop giggling. It was presh!
I love that Luke's pants are almost falling off in this monkey bar pic.
Dylan aka DILLy
Tebbin aka Tebbin Brent {what Lukas calls him}
Finley aka Linley
These are my favorite kinds of pictures. The backsides of a little just intrigues with everything around them. She was intently feeling the grass between her toes.
Oh sweet baby Blaire aka Bwearseebear...have you ever seen something so adorbs?
Remi and Savanah
 The sunshine always brings a smile to my face. 
Yes, oh yes, no matter how hard some days have been we love it here. 
We know this is where the Lord has directed us.
Family is what life is all about!

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Becca said...

Probably you've been more homesick for Cedar City since you heard about the temple.


But Boogs, you have inspired me to make a blog book, too. If I spend all this time on here, the least I can do is preserve some of those memories and journalings for my kids. I love it that you are blogging again, thanks to my amazing and stellar blogging example. :)