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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Fever

I can barely get my kids in the house these days. The weather has been so sunny and nice.
 I think we have been spoiled in the past from living in sunny Southern Utah. It seems the the winter season was infinitely long here in Idaho. So the second the sun peeks out my kids are ready to play outside. Katie and Cameron's sidewalk, driveway, and paver rocks {sorry} have been covered completely in chalk. Their feet become an unrecognizable shade of brown from walking barefoot everywhere. They are filthy from head to toe from playing so hard. They smell like puppies { joke} when they come in from playing outside. And their cheeks are finally getting rosy from the warm rays of the sun!
I think we all have a serious case of Spring Fever!

Bring on the Sun.....we are ready!

When it is sunny I take the opportunity to head outside with my kids to capture them and everything around me. Picture taking is definitely my form of meditation.
All of my kids LOVE being outside. But Lukas takes the cake. He is 100% in love with being outside. Cold, wet, muddy, dirty, in any kind of weather you can find him riding his bike and exploring whats around him.

 I think Scarlett is going to take after her big brother too. She squeals when we go outside. She likes to peel of her socks as fast as she can figure them out and walk all around. I have loved watching her discover the feel of the earth beneath her toes.
She is in love with Luke.
Willow wants to be outside every chance she can get as well.
 Can I say it again....
Bring on the SUN!
Pretty Please??

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Becca said...

Oh Bonnie, Scarlett looks so pretty! I love those pictures of Luke, and the sweet ladybug shots are awesome, too!