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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cress Creek

How could I have possibly forgotten how beautiful Idaho is? I remember some beautiful things...but when we went on this hike today, I was quickly reminded how much Idaho has to offer.
 I love seeing the farmers fields. The rich dark soil. That may seem weird but after living in the desert with sand and clay, soil is beautiful to me.

For FHE my dad, sister Sharla, and her family invited us to go for a hike with them to Cress Creek. I am sad to say I had never been before. It was so beautiful. A perfect hike for any family.

I kept teasing my dad telling him he was "April Fool-sing" all the other hikers with his extraordinary outfit! haha.
Oh dad your fashion sense is so fun! I love this picture of Dylan and Lukas trying to keep up with him.

I will definitely take the kids on this hike again. They LOVED it!
Here are some picture in random order.

These two are so cute together. I can't believe there is a year between them. Lukas is one big kid.
This is my nephew Emmit. I wish I could get inside his little mind. He is so fun to watch and always in his own little world.
 Fatherhood suits him so well!
I love this picture! These 2 are some of our favorite people. Beau and I love getting to spend time with their family.
We spotted lots of Mule Deer...Can you see them?
It is so good to be back in this beautiful state. We can't wait to explore new places and enjoying how beautiful Idaho is, even more. 
Hmmmm.....I wonder if he loved it to??

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Becca said...

Yes! That last picture of Luke is hilarious. Once again, nice outfit, Dad. And I want to hike Cress Creek. Despite what anyone (ahem, Dad) says, I have never been there nor heard of it.