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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My 10 Year Old Boy

Happy Birthday to my handsome 10 Year Old boy. I can't believe it has been 10 years since we saw you for the first time. We instantly fell in love with him!
 I can still remember Caleb's birth experience like it was yesterday. My heart filled to the brim when I got to snuggle my little man for the first time and has been overflowing with love for him ever since.
Caleb is such a sweet, stubborn, and good boy.
He definitely likes to tease but also has the most compassionate nature about him . He is the BEST big brother. He is always looking out for his siblings. He is the first to comfort one of them when they get hurt. He puts on such a tough demeanor, but he really is such a sweet little boy.

Here are our TOP TEN favorite things about Caleb
1. He is very kind hearted when wants to be.
2. He LOVES his family.
3. He worries about his siblings safety every day.
4. He has a contagious smile and laugh.
5. He can cook oatmeal and Cream O' Wheat better than anybody we know. And could make it for breakfast every morning if we let him.
6. He LOVES the outdoors and he is always up for a new adventure.
7. He is very talented and smart.
8. He loves sports and is naturally athletic.
9. He is a very determined boy. He accomplishes anything he sets his mind to.
10. He brings joy and happiness to our life everyday!

We love you Caleb. 
The Lord knew you were the perfect fit for our family. You have taught us so much about life, patience, love, happiness, and family! We thank Heavenly Father everyday for you in our lives. We can't believe that 10 years has so quickly passed us by. Stop growing little man....'cause before we know it you will be all grown up!

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Becca said...

Happy birthday, Caleb! Ten years old--man! Caleb really is such a tender-hearted kid. I'm so glad we get to live closer to him and to all of you now!