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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Caleb's Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a party for Caleb. He decided that since he LOVES sports so much lately that he wanted a party at the park where we could play kickball and basketball.
I was totally on board because that made my party planning incredibly easy.
What a handsome kid.
He got lots of basketball stuff since it is his current favorite sport. He is really good at it too. We can't wait to put him on a team.  
I can' t believe he is 10...really I can't!
We played kickball first, adults against kids.
I wish I would have gotten more pictures, I was having to much fun playing.
These two were talking strategy.

Scarlett was determined to play too.
 After kickball the dads and sons played basketball.
I think Caleb had a perfect party. Exactly what he wanted!
I was so relieved too. 
The afternoon of his birthday, after he got home from school, he burst into tears. He kept saying nothing was wrong and that he just felt sad. I think he has had the toughest time of all my children adjusting to the move, to living with people, changing school, you name it. I felt so bad for him and was worried that he may not have a better night.

My sweet Caleb tends to hold so much in and I think it just all came spilling out.
Poor thing. 
 I think a party was the PERFECT thing to cheer him up. Later that night he apologized for crying and told me that he wasn't sure why he felt so sad. He told me that he just wanted a home so badly. I let him know that it was ok to feel sad and sometimes we all just need a good cry!
Oh I just love that kid. 
He really is so tender despite the tough exterior he puts on. 

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