The sweetest things in life, aren't things......

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love my kids

I love my kiddos so much.

These three had a fun evening playing and making one another laugh! 

Silly kiddos

Monday, October 1, 2012

Red Creek

I have such an anxious personality. I HATE that about myself. I worry about everything. I over analyze EVERYTHING to the point I drive myself crazy. 

Thank goodness my husband knows me so well. He can always tell when I am stressing. { I am sure  the high shrieking octaves I can reach, when I yell, have nothing to do with it. Yep. You read it right, I yell. Sometimes I even throw an adult size tantrum.} I have had so much on my mind lately. My photography business has boomed. I am loving every second of it, but the stress of editing and balancing my family and work is starting to take a tole. There is a possible life changing opportunity we are considering, long hours for Beau at work, and just the stresses of taking care of 5 kiddos. So Beau suggested a drive to Red Creek. And whenever anything involves the outdoors, I am on board 100%. 

Red Creek is beautiful. It isn't that long of a drive either.

 The kids like to explore, get dirty, find all sorts of nonsense that they insist on bringing home, and play hard while they are outdoors.
Lukas was so excited about this stick.
 Of course before they head off to play I have to snap a picture. Can you tell they all have their "hurry up mom" faces on?
 The kids find a million insects and want me to take pictures of them all.
We thought this hopper was pretty cool.

 What is a drive without a watermelon eating contest?
Caleb ended up winning. That boy can eat!

This was a great way to unwind and take my mind off of life.

 We got home and I was instantly thinking "When can we go again?"
To bad the calm and serene of the mountains can't follow me home.
The second I walk through the door I am back to worrying.
Wretched Anxiety.