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Friday, March 29, 2013


I love Easter. It is a close contender to my beloved Thanksgiving. 
I love this time of year, the new Sunday dresses, the ham dinners, the Easter egg hunts, and most of all reflecting on our Savior's Resurrection.
This year, more than any other, my kids really grasped what Easter is all about. 
They had an amazing sharing time in Primary at the beginning of the month. We got home from church and the kids started telling Beau and I all about how good there lesson was. They said the spirit was so strong. It was neat to see their love for our Savior grow even more.

Then 2 weeks before Easter my sister Katie did a special Easter FHE where each of the kids got to open two Easter eggs and each egg contained something symbolic about the atonement and resurrection.  My children were eager to share the knowledge they had been learning. Katie did such a wonderful job. She had Beau and I, and our 3 oldest all teared up by the end of her lesson.

For Easter weekend we got to go as a family to my sister Alison's house. We got to hike the mountain {sad I forgot my camera}, eat yummy food, plan out our Easter day, take pictures, and enjoy the blessings of being with family.

Ali and I had fun stuffing all the baskets and laying out the kids new Sunday clothes. Between the 2 of us we have 11 children, so it was fun to see the long line of Easter goodies all lined up.

We enjoyed such beautiful lessons at church. 
My sister shared her thoughts in Young Womens and it was so touching. She is such an amazing women with so many wonderful attributes.
I felt so uplifted and loved as the speakers talked about our Saviors love, His infinite sacrifice, His life, and Him being resurrected.

The day just kept getting better and better. We got to go to Brian's dad's home for a special Easter meal and Easter egg hunt. The food was delicious and the hunt was a huge hit.
The kids all decorated their Easter bags first. Lukas was really determined to get it covered.
Each of the kids would read a clue and then go to a location. At each location Susan would have a treat and a new clue to read. You can imagine how fast the kids ran to each location.

 By the end my poor niece Beth wanted to be done.
 Oh my goodness...this girl is edible!
Susan is such a fun grandma. She really worked hard to put on a memorable Easter egg hunt. And she was so kind to include our children and make sure they felt welcomed as well.
Sweet Joey
Syd and Bethy boo boo
 We ended with another beautiful lesson on the Savior and Susan's touching testimony. 

This whole month has been filled with learning!
I feel so blessed to have a testimony of my Savior. 
I know that He lives.
I know that He loves me and knows me.
This knowledge brings me such peace and comfort in my times of weakness and need.
I feel so blessed that my children are growing and learning more about their Savior.
It has been so tender to watch their testimonies grow.

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Ali Lundell said...

LOVE ALL you said! It was a wonderful Easter and I am glad I got to spend it with you! I love you Bon!