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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time {2011}

Christmas Eve was very fun. I baked crepes all day long so I wouldn't have to on Christmas Morning. We cleaned the house and just had a nice calm day. We read our favorite Christmas books and shared some of our favorite Christmas memories. 
For dinner, we headed up to the Church's to have a nice dinner with the Barricks and them.

I felt so close to the spirit all day long. 
It is such a magical time of year celebrating the Saviors birth and reflecting on what Christmas is all about.
I am sure being pregnant was the culprit for my teary eyes most of the day.

After dinner we read the birth of the Savior from the bible and headed back home.
The kids got to open up their Christmas Eve jammies beofre they got into bed.
 Surprisingly they fell asleep pretty quickly!

Here they are the next morning waiting on the stairs for dad to give them the "o.k." to come down.
{He had to set up the recorder and start a fire}

The kids, as always, got spoiled.
 Their favorite thing they got this year were
Savanah- her bb gun
Caleb- his Dsi
Kennedy- her Ds
Lukas- his dump truck

We spent the rest of Christmas day enjoying each other. Watching old movies, munching on crepes all day, and a delicious ham for dinner!

Merry Christmas!


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