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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Farm {July 2011 Adventures Cont...}

Of course our Idaho adventure wouldn't be complete without visiting the farm at least once!
 There is so much to do and see there..............
Nothing like a trip to the farm and a good old fashioned ride...haha
Thistles...they hurt, but still are beautiful.
My dad owns a certain  % of these creatures.
There are peacocks too
 And we can't forget the goats.......

I think the goats are the kids favorite part of the farm!

 Aunt Sharla taught the kids how to milk the goats this time. They loved it!

And the farm wouldn't be complete without egg hunting.

Of course when we go we get to see all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents.
Uncle Phil...Love him.
Love spending time with my sisters.
 We spend lots of time looking for animals, creatures, and new unknown species....
Peacock Gabe

Peacock Auntie Shar

The kids love the farm. There really is so much exploring to do and mischief to get into.
Lukas loved to sit in Great Grandpas Farm truck {tehe} and pretend he was driving.
This is his face after he figured out how to start it up without anyone around....
"Did you see dat mom?"
I am sure he is thinking " I am so cute, they won't get mad at me" And dang it he was right!

 We always enjoy our trips home and loved our vacay to Idaho for 2011.

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