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Monday, December 19, 2011

White Clouds {Part 1}

Every year, as part of our planed trip to Idaho, Beau takes the two oldest kids to the White Clouds. It is an absolute MUST in his book.  He talks about it all year round. Plans for it all year round. And makes lists for it all year round. I had been the year earlier for our reunion, but just to the base camp. I had never experienced all the surrounding places they liked to go. So we decided this year we would all go as a family. My sister Hanna and her whole family planned on it too. 
 Let me just say...BEST VACATION of the year. 
Hands down. 
We had been to Idaho 3 times this year. Although the weddings were fun, it makes our vacay so rushed,  like there isn't enough time to see and do everything. So to get to spend almost 5 full days in the mountains, with some of the most amazing breathtaking views I have ever seen, was HEAVENLY!

So for sake of the MAJOR pictures I have. I am going to split this camping trip up into several posts!

This is the view from our base camp. Isn't it gorgeous?
We set up camp the first afternoon we got there, made our plan for the week, and relaxed.
Caleb loves the White Clouds as much as his dad and was grinning ear to ear the second we got there!
Chris and Beau go every year together with the older kids.
 This two were instant friends! They loved playing with each other.
 And what better way to start a great camping trip by a little dare. Hanna dared Beau to eat a roasted cricket.....
....and he did. BLECH
 Can't wait to show you more.

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Katie Lee said...

Beau.... that is DISGUSTING!!! But hilarious!!! I so miss going to the white clouds. I'm glad we went for your reunion because it was the first time I had been there since I was like... ELEVEN! Gorgeous photos!