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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok I know I am still way behind! 
I have got to get caught up so I can keep track of all the fun things we have done the last several months!

First off~
We are lucky to get to celebrate the girls and my birthday all within a week!

Savanah had a few friends over this year for a PJ and movie night!
Presents, turning 9, friends, movie theater in your room!
What more could you ask for?
She LOVED her party. When we took everyone home the girls were all quite.
Let's just say the theater buffet (PURELY SUGAR) and pizza made for some full and sick bellies!HA!

Oh I just LOVE this girl so much! I can't believe she is 9 YEARS OLD!
Our favorite 9 things about her are
1. She is genuinely good.
2. She really cares about others.
3. She has already developed a love for the Lord and Savior that shows in all she does!
4. She is one SMART cookie!
5. She is sooooo beautiful!
6. She is a perfect older sister to her siblings.
7. She is very sensitive to the spirit!
8. She LOVES to help out.
9.Her smile lights up a room!

Then the next day we celebrated Kennedy's 5th Birthday!
This was her first birthday party with friends and she was ecstatic to say the least!
She decided on a PJ and Spa theme!

We let her open her presents from us that morning.

 Somebody enjoyed the cake!!!

Can't believe little princess is already 5! We just love this girl soo sooo much!
Here are our 5 FAVORITE things about Kenny Poo
1. She is too smart for her own good!
2. She always has something clever to say
3. She is one cleaning little lady!
4. She is a big helper to everyone
5. She is an expert whistler!!!

And one of the boys- just because!


Darla said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!!! That is way fun.

Becca said...

Oh Boogs, is that wretched pillow pet under the laundry basket? (Is a ladybug really a pet?) I love the movie theme! Such a good idea for a birthday party. I also love your whole new blog look, Boogity. So trendilicious.