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Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 Years

Warning -sappy, hopeless romantic here! 
If you don't like the mushy gushy---just enjoy the pictures!

10 years!!!!

Happy Anniversary to this man here!
10 wonderful, fulfilling, happy years!
It has flown by!
And with it has come lots of ups, laughter, love, children, happiness, tears, joy, and learning!

He really is the worlds best dad!

As our family has grown,  my love has also grown and deepened !
I always think my heart couldn't be more full...but it continually is!

 I think Robert Browning put it eloquently when he said  
"Grow old with me, the best is yet to be...."

I couldn't imagine life without my best friend to share every moment with!
I am  hopelessly, completely, and utterly in love with this man!

I love how our paths crossed and we came together!
I love the memories we have shared and are making!

".......the best is yet to be!"
Can't wait to see what more years together will bring us!
I love you!!


Anonymous said...

So cute Bon! I hope you guys had a good Anni! Beau looks so young in that pic where he is feeding Ken at the old house. Miss you guys so much and I hope that you had a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

That was from me BTW!


Becca said...

Boogs, I love that Sears photo with you wearing the grey shirt. It makes me wish I could reach through and squeeze Savanah and Caleb--they both look so chubby and precious.

Hanna, oh no you ditn't say "Anni."

{Lindsey} said...

Happy 10 years!!!! Love all the pictures. It's fun to see how you're family has grown. Love your sweet family!

Darla said...

Super sweet!!! You two were meant to be. If I were still 14 it would have been me and Beau. LOL!!! I am very happy for you both. I am just glad that I have been friends with both of you since our childhood. Its just kind of cool. Congrats on no. 10.