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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time

What a special month and time of year! 
Can you believe how fast it has come?

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we always go chop down our GPSed tree. 
This year it snowed like crazy so only the husbands and Caleb went.

I will admit that when I saw this......
 I threw an adult sized tantrum.
I mean---we GPS the tree in advance---there is no excuse for such a measly tree!

After I put it up I thought..."not as bad as I thought"...."I can work with this"

 So we started to put on some of my favorite pieces.

 Once we got it all decorated I realized what a perfect tree my husband found and apologized for my beastliness!

I love decorating the tree.
It is a special thing for me.
But having a 1 1/2 year old and a few other small children makes it hard work sometimes. 
Lets just say the tree tipped over "by itself" after we had decorated it.
A few tears were shed.
Swear words in my head.
The lack of motivation to do it again. 

...... some how I managed to get it pulled back together!
And I am glad!

This month has been busy!
Lots of practice time for Caleb shooting with dad!
Another fun thing for them to share!

We tried an impromptu photo shoot..

but Lukas was having none of it!
Way to many goodies and treats.
Lots of parties (post to follow).
Present wrapping.

And now with the last week  before Christmas here, I have somehow managed to keep my sanity and my house tidy( for the most part.)
I look forward to a quite week of reflection.
Snuggling with my kiddos by the fire.
Hot Chocolate.
Baking .
Playing games.
And Making memories!
What are your plans?


Katie Lee said...

Lurve how good you are at always posting. I think my last post was the 4th of July (pathetic I know.) I do love christmas too, and wish you lived closer to #1-spend the holidays with us and #2- give me tree decorating tips... yours is always GORG!!! Love you!

SueAnn said...

Gorgeous tree!! Your kiddo's are getting so big and are so cute!!!

Jess and Dusty said...

I find that sanity and having the house tidy go hand in hand.... as for the tree, looks beautfiul!

Darla said...

Oh miss Bonnie, I always love your posts. Your tree looks great and I love the kids photo with lucas. It just makes me laugh because Connor does the same thing all the time. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Becca said...

Bonnie, you do always have the most pretty tree I've ever seen. I need Christmas decoration help. Especially since our basement flooded and of course it ruined several Christmas decorations.

Steve, Dayna and Kids said...

Oh Bon how I love you!!! I loved your cute little poem about your tree and I knew it would be put back together again but I loved the end of the little story :') You are such an inspiration to me; both you and Beau. Your kiddos are getting so big WOW! And BTW I think I have told you this EVERY year but I LURVE (as you would say) your beautiful Christmas tree! XOXO from the Dutton Fam