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Friday, December 10, 2010


I LOVE Halloween.
Lots of people hate it, but not me!
I love all the fun traditions and things we do in October. 
I love helping the kids choose a costume. 
I love all the heavenly pumpkin treats.
And I love the anticipation Halloween day.

 Savanah was a devilish vampire.
Kenny was princess.
Caleb was a vampire.
Lukas was a bear.
 (Oh I want to reach through and pinch those cheeks)
 A few of my friends have kids that are older.
So I hear them talking about how old is to old to trick or treat?
I am so glad my kids still have a few years before I start worrying!
I love these pictures.
I can feel their excitement!
 I think he was sick of me taking his picture...but how can I not!?

 Caleb led the pack the whole time. 
He was the most excited I think!!
 This is the face I would get when I told him to slow down and wait for everyone else!

When the kids were done stocking up on candy, we enjoyed an enjoyable evening with our friends having homemade soup and delectable desserts! 
A perfect tradition.
And a perfect way to end the day after all that hard work! 

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Steve, Dayna and Kids said...

Want my opinion about trick-or-treating? That's good cuz you're gonna get it lol I think that as long as the kid feels comfortable trick-or-treating he/she should be able to go. I know in my hometown we T.O.T until we were out of High School and a few of us mothers dress up with our kids for the few houses that make the YUMMY treats & we let them know that that is the reason we even dress up (to get their yummy treat) *giggle*