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Friday, December 10, 2010

Couple's Halloween Party

Every year Beau and I host a couples Halloween costume party!
This year my good friend Ana helped me plan it. And it was such a blast!

Hanna gave me the idea to do a scavenger hunt. You could tell some were slightly reluctant to do it, but I think in the end it was hit!!

Here are some of my fav pictures from the Scavenger hunt. 
Each couple had to take pictures to document the scavenger hunt. 
So it was things like - ask a stranger to mummy wrap you in toilet paper and take a picture of it....ask a stranger if you can pump their gas....etc.

 I think this guys is mummy wrapping...but I laughed hard cause it looks like he is hugging him too! HAAHa
 Love these two! 
They are so much fun!!

Oh man- what a good time!
 Beau dirt!

 Oh my...the maverick soda is fitting!

Holy Moly!
What a bucket of laughter. 
Can't believe it is already time for our couples wretched Christmas sweater party!!
We are so blessed with wonderful friends!!

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Kristin said...

What a blast! Loved the costumes:)