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Friday, December 10, 2010

Harvest Break

I was excited for Harvest Break this October.
Even though things get hectic and messy when the kids are out of school I was determined to have a good time. We decided one of the days  we would go to St. George to visit the temple and do a little shopping.
As things always go, the kids fought the whole way down and I was loosing my patience, wondering if this was a good idea.

We did our shopping, had lunch and then went to temple grounds last!
I was worried when we got there that we should have gone there  first.
The kids were tired and I was tired as well. 
But as soon as we pulled up their enthusiasm started. They LOVE temple grounds.
So I put on a smile!

We went into the visitor center and the sister missionary asked us if we wanted to see there new short film - "The family is forever" ( I think this is what it was called, but can't quite remember). It is a progressive film, where you walk set to set while watching movie clips.

Obviously I can't give a play by play of what it was about, that would take to long, but the movie was about a family making time for each other and spending time with their grandparents. 
The grandpa dies and everyone is sad, and then the grandma dies.  
We then existed the room to another room to watch the last part about Christ's ministry and how he made it possible for families to be together forever. The movie was touching but by this part I was semi distracted with Lukas trying to keep him quite and occupied. 

After the movie clip was over the sister missionary turned on the lights and I  heard a loud sobbing. I looked over and saw my sweet little Savanah crying pretty hard. Caleb started crying too and before I knew it everyone was crying. This sister missionary quickly sat by her side and instead of hugging her and then ushering us out quickly she said "That was such a beautiful movie, huh? Can you explain to us why you are crying?" 
Savanah explained that is was so sad that the grandparents had died but how happy she felt that families could be together forever. The spirit in the room was so strong.
This sweet missionary created a perfect opportunity to express these happy emotions, for which I will always be grateful! She could have easily ushered us away, but instead she reached out and asked the questions that made my young children to want  to share.
I will never forget that beautiful feeling in that room with us!
That feeling of reassurance that Families can be together forever!

 I couldn't imagine not knowing that this love I have for these precious children wouldn't go beyond, or that death was it!
I would feel robbed!

 I am so grateful for temples! For the opportunity I have been given to obtain a Eternal Family if we work hard and do what is right!
 Our life is truly blessed because we have each other!
I love my family so much!!

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kari said...

I love the pictures of the Temple and the wonderful story that went along with it. You have a sweet family for sure!