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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sharla comes to visit

Can I just tell you how ecstatic I was for my sister Sharla to come with her boys for a visit?
I couldn't wait!! 
My kids couldn't wait!
Beau was equally as excited! 
We only wish her hubby Justin-o would have tagged along!!

We had so much fun!
Life was getting hectic.
Things seemed slightly "out of whack" for me. 
And her visit was just the thing to get me out of my "funk".

I could shoot myself for not getting ANY pictures of her too oldest boys.
I did try, but not hard enough!
( unlike me not to have my camera up in my nieces and nephews faces.
Chalk it up to the funk I had been in! Sorry!)

Beau road motorbikes with the kiddos. 
Took them shooting and babysat a handful of times so Shar and I could play!
Thanks babe!

This little guy ran into my outdoor work table! Yowzer!!
 Shar and I crafted away ike crazy! 
We made blankets for our kiddos for Christmas. 
And made a good amount of crippity crafts!
 Dyl Bug LOVED the cat!!
 And of course...Dyl showed off his SAWEEEET Karate skills!!!
Cutest termite ever!!
 These two loved each other and got along sooooo well!

I am already daydreaming of her next visit. 
I hope it is sooner than later! 
That was a good therapy session to have my sister here!
Man I miss them! 
All of them!!

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Sharla Anne said...

Oh i love these pictures! I had so much. I look forward to the next trip i can make to your casa! But i also cant wait to have you here at me casa in february! Love you and miss you like crazy! :)