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Monday, November 7, 2011

Zions with the Parentals

We also got to take my parents to Zions while they were here. 
We love sharing Zions with whoever wants to go. It never gets boring for us.
LOVED every second of it.
(Come back you two)
 Luke could have thrown rocks in the water all day.
 Typical dad....admiring the serenity of the beautiful scene.
(The apple didn't fall far from the me.)
 I told my mom to cup her hand and she would be holding the waterfall that was coming over the cliff. HA. She totally fell for it.
"Mom not the guy with the Kentucky waterfall."
hahahaha....who needs friends when I have myself.
I laughed for hours when I saw this picture!
It wouldn't be me without scenic pictures and creepy crawlies right?

We played Aggravation almost every night with my parents, boys vs. women style (haha), 
and well...let's face it....although my mom's finger is up indicating we are #1...her face says it all.
We had horrid luck.
 Miss these two so much already.
Can't wait for their next trip.


Momma Button said...

Go Bonnie! I love Zion. Ron and I spent a lot of time there while we were dating. Love that your family likes to spend time there too.

Christina said...

Good job, Bonnie! You're rockin' the blog! Keep it up!

And I totally laughed at the picture of your mom cupping her hand. HAHA!!! Love it!!

Becca said...

I really love these pictures of mom and dad--mom looks good as a hiker! I can't wait to go to Zion's with you guys!