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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lukas turns TWO

Another big thing for us in April (yes, I am still back in April) is Luke's birthday. 
Time is flying way to quickly! My handsome baby is now a toddler, but hey, let's face it, he is still my baby.
Just a really BIG one! 
We had a small family bbq and party with our friends the Church's.
Lukas got lots of toy "go go's (motorcycles for those of you who don't understand two year olds) 
and was in complete heaven!

Ohhhh...this MUG gets anything he wants from me! 
He is too adorably handsome to resist.
He currently says to me in a sweet sweet voice "you buy me." (Which means..."Buy me this toy")
and let's face it I do!
He was showing his "go go" his birthday cake!


{Lindsey} said...

OH my! Where has the time gone! 2 years old already!! Geez. He is an extremely handsome little, big guy.
Happy Birthday April. hahaha, girl you are behind. Good job at getting caught up though.

Becca said...

The b&w candle picture is PRECIOUS, boogity. Cute lil rascal!