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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soda Springs, Idaho

We went  to visit  my family in Idaho (the middle of June) due to my brother Eli getting married. 
On our way to IF, we stopped in good ole' Soda Springs to stay with my sister Becca and her family. 
We seriously had SO much fun.
I think it was the funnest part of the whole trip.
We just really got to relax and enjoy each others company, good food, lots of animals (my kids were in heaven), fishing, and laughing.

Here are some of my favs of some of the kids playing!
 We loved the ducks!
 Love this picture of Brigham he was getting annoyed of all the pictures I was taking of him.
 Sweet sweet Mollie
 ...ummm....the kids proved that chickens don't fly...
 This is the face I got when it was time to put the animals away!

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Becca said...

Booooooooooooooogs, so many wonderful pictures! I love this so much. It also makes me depressed that there are six inches of snow outside right now, and it's only the beginning of Winter.