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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Caleb gets Baptized

On Friday May 13th, 20011 Caleb chose to be baptized a member
We were so proud of his decision.
He felt nervous, excited, and a little scared. Which we assured him was normal. It was fun to incorporate through the year all about baptism in our FHE's.

The bishop called me and asked if it was ok if they combined his baptism with a convert baptism. We were so excited and thought that this would be an even more memorable occasion. And it was.
The spirit was so incredibly strong. I felt Heavenly Father's love all around me.

My dad and mom and Beau's mom came all the way from Idaho to support him on his special day. 
It meant so much to us and especially to him to have most of his grandparents there to support him.
 These are some of the pictures we did for his book to document his baptism.

And here are some pictures from his special day. We appreciated all of our friends who also came to support Caleb. It was such a beautiful day. The spirit was so strong and he felt so loved and blessed.
I asked him what he felt right afterwards and he said "happier than ever!"
And here are some pictures from his special day.
Beau's mom Dawn and glad she came.
 Caleb is super nervous in this below picture .
 Now he is super excited.
 Caleb with Bishop Davis
 Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Patsy
 Now he is really anxious...
 Anxiously waiting. He was happy to be baptized with another person. It was special to get to share his special day with this beautiful women Dawn.  Her baptism was so beautiful and confirmation (later in church) was so beautiful.
 I am so glad that I have a husband who really takes his priesthood seriously. He is always so willing to share the blessings with any of us or others. I cannot forget that feeling I had so strongly later that day of how blessed I am to have the priesthood in my home. 
I look forward to Caleb's progression in the church. 
I love watching him grow and learn. He is such a good boy with so many strengths that I cherish. 
He teaches us so much all the time.
Love you buddy~


Rivka said...

Reading these posts just made me miss you. A lot. Love ya, Bon.

{Lindsey} said...

Congrats to Caleb! What a great kid he is!!
It is so fun to see familiar faces in your pictures.

Kristi said...

I'm in tears I love your posts!! I love that your "baby" isn't a baby anymore but you will always see him that way, and I love that you posted about the family "pets" cause those darn things do sneak into your heart like family, and the Caleb getting baptized I had warm fuzzys reading!

Course we love the Easter Ride!! LOVE Them all I'm soo proud!

Becca said...

I love the picture of mom and dad with Caleb, but the one of him jumping in the air is my favorite. He looks so grown up!