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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4th Of July

This was the first year in a long time that Beau got to spend the 4th of July at home with us. It was nice to be able to go tot the parade together and have his help this year. 
The kids LOVE the parade. And anything that makes my kids happy makes me equally happy.
I love watching their little faces light up when they get anxious, year after year, to celebrate our traditions. I love to watch their eyes sparkle at the excitement of all the floats. 
It brings back wonderful memories of my own.
I had such wonderful parents who really set such a great example of family traditions.
Something I cherish and will definitely keep carrying on.

 Lukas was excited to see the fire engines....
 Until he heard the noise....and he hated that!
 Yep...of course I cried...I do every year!
I am so proud to be an American and have so much respect for our Veterans and their families!
 After an eventful day of the parade, bbq, swimming in the pool, we had our own firework show!
The kids love watching the fireworks!
(Didn't get a pic of Sav...she is starting to hide:( )

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Mandy said...

I just did a catch up on your blog today. Oh my goodness Bonnie your kids have grown so much!! I think Sav looks just like you! ... that little Sweet Shops Open shoot is darling. I love that Caleb is drinking the "potion" hahah. You are so CLEV!
You are such a beautiful person. I really enjoy reading about you and your family. You always do such fun dates with you family. AND I know I say this alot but the bond between you and your sisters is like none other. So awsome that you each travel around to see each other. LOVE the pic of Becca with the Chicken.