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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just for Ruby

My sister Rebecca has such a beautiful, big yard. 
Along with all her animals (may I add, the best cared for animals I have ever seen.) she has a beautiful garden, gorgeous flowers, and a perfectly manicured lawn.
So of course I had to take a few pictures of how beautiful it is.
So Ruby-q these are for you.

(Hintdiddlyint....come do my yard this summer....please.)
Loved all the blossoms and bees.
 Love all her chickens.
She wins prizes at the fair.
(Basically Betty Crocks and Martha Stew mixed together.)
had to throw this picture in...tehe...
 Love love all the flowers! 
I so wish this was my yard...
 And this one isn't her yard but it is Soda Springs claim to fame....
The worlds first handmade geyser! hahahahaha

 And this last one is just for fun! 
I found Luke outside in the rabbit cage at least 5 times while we were there!


1 comment:

Becca said...

Oh boogity! Such delights! I am going to put that pregnant picture of myself on facebook before you can. I didn't know you took all those flower and chicken pictures! I love them! Of course you write that I have a manicured lawn when you are the one who was mowing it that week. This makes me miss you even more and I CAN'T WAIT till Thanksgiving!