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Thursday, July 22, 2010

More goodies from June

Caleb competed in the 2010 Utah Summer Games for Karate. He got 2nd place for his Kata, 4th for padded weapons, and 4th for flag sparring. We are glad to have found something he loves. Something that teaches him more than skills. But also self-respect, discipline, and self-control.
He loves it and excels in it!

And another favorite from June is our Fishing Trip for FHE.
Here in Cedar they have a kids pond that they stock. It is in a beautiful location up the mountain and perfect for our children. They all had so much fun!
Caleb and Savanah each caught one fish, and Kennedy caught two fish!

And right as we were leaving we got to see these two beautiful double rainbows!
Perfect way to end the day!


Becca said...

I love the picture of Kennedy with her backwards cap--and the one of Beau and Caleb you should frame.

Boogs, I want to see VIDEO of Caleb doing karate!

Jess and Dusty said...

We love to go to kid's pond! We always take a yummy lunch and enjoy it. Looks like a good time you had!