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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Idho Trip Part 1

WARNING...LONG POST/ Picture Overload

A week after school got out, I had the opportunity to take the kiddos to Idaho. I got asked to be a photographer for the International Babywearing Conference in Rigby, so decided to make it a vacation for the kids too! Although their were lots of work days, we still managed to squeeze in plenty of fun!!


FaVoRiTe HigHligHts


Cedar is definitely home. But going home to Iona always feels so great. I love the feelings attached to this wonderful place I grew up. Isn't is beautiful? 
I miss the farmers fields. The green trees everywhere. The smell of farms and hay being cut. And the cool nights. 

We went to Grandpa Jerry's and Great Grandpa Don's farm. The kids loved watching all the animals and playing up there.
They have goats, every chicken imaginable, baby chicks, and sheep. 
This is how my grandpa was almost every time we came up. Just sitting in his "tractor"  looking out over his  "kingdom", in his words.

I also enjoyed every minute spent with my sisters! (Oh how I miss them) And I loved meeting both of my brothers girlfriends.
We had craft parties almost every night,stayed up way to late, and goofed off!

My sisters and hopefully someday permanent sisters!:)


Even my Brother-in-Law Allen joined in the fun...

The kids LOVE spending time with their cousins and I love seeing all of my beautiful nieces and nephews! 

(Dang I am missing Jamen, Dylan, Tebbin, and Gabe)

We did tons of birdwatching. I miss seeing so many birds. And I miss all the trees at my parents house too.
This little guy fell out of the tree.

It was nice that my sister shares the same love of picture taking I do. We had so much fun together driving around and taking nature pictures! 
Love the Windmills.

The two weeks we were home completely flew by. 
But only three more until we are there again! We can't wait! 

I have so many nature shots that hopefully I will get on my photog blog soon! 

Seeing more Cousins, Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles.
(I could shoot myself for not taking individuals of all my cute nieces and nephews on this side...dang)

Miss our families already!
Can't wait to see them all again soon!


The Cutlers said...

Oh my goodness... I love the picture of Molly kissing that little baby chick. The kids are all just adorable and have the prettiest eyes. They all get their eyes from their pretty mommies! I love all the pictures. You get better every day and I can't wait for more pictures of my kids! They were my favorite! I LOVE YOU

~Our Hooah Lives~ said...

Loved this post. I RARELY ever miss Idaho but this post reminded me why I do when I do.

Becca said...

Bonnie, I LOOOOOOVE the picture of Grandpa. I am saving it and ordering a print.

And the one of Allen is pretty good, too . . . :)

{Lindsey} said...

Love all the pictures Bonnie!! Especially the ones of Iona and your grandpa...they are priceless.
You capture such memorable are so lucky to have such talent.