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Thursday, July 1, 2010

First weeks of Summer

I really am so behind on my posting. There are so many things I need to get on here for my books. Summer is flying by! Really! Where dies the time go? Six weeks left of Summer and then school begins again! We have enjoyed many things so far this summer.

We were lucky to have my sister Ali and her family here for some of Memorial weekend!
Love my handsome nephew and all my beautiful nieces!


I have looked out the window many times to find Caleb building jumps and YES.....jumping his dad! 

LOTS of Dirty Faces 
I get at least one face a day covered in dirt and grim from outside fun! 

 Water FUN 

The kids are constantly getting wet. Whether it by by sprinkle, dog bowl, spilled water bottle, you name it. They love to get wet. Even Lukas!

We are loving Lazy Summer Days, are you? 



Steve, Dayna and Kids said...

Darn I was SOOOO hoping that you would have some pics of the Summer Games somewhere in your posts & REALLY hoping that maybe just maybe you had a shot or 2 of my children. That day is such a blur to me IDK why if it was pain or what???? Hmmmm

The Cutlers said...

Such cute little kids in your family.. They are all just beauties. I am thinking we need to plan a trip to your house. If you'll have us! :)