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Friday, July 9, 2010

Idaho Trip Part 2

I was able to stay with my cute pregger sister Ali on my way home. We always have such a good time together. We laughed a lot and I am sure I kept her up way to late. 
The next day we got to go to two of her girls birthday party. She had the most adorable five children. Can't wait to see what this new little one looks like!


On my way home Beau called and said that they were sending him to work in Provo for the week. So the kiddos and I extended our Vacay and stayed with him in the hotel for another week.
We had such a great time!

I left a little before Beau so I could get unpacked and things back in order.
It was a peaceful drive!
And it was so nice to be back home!


{Lindsey} said...

How fun to extend your vacay and stay in a hotel!!
But you're's so nice to come home.
I believe a temple night is in order...soon!

Kris said...

Bonnie, Love these pictures and WHAT!! you were in Provo, I live just live a hop skip and jump away! We are headed to Cedar in August to visit Lis and Brett. It looks like your summer has been really fun.

kari said...

I love looking at the pictures of your kids and how your oldest interacts with your youngest. Its very sweet and u can feel her love for her lil bro thru the pictures. You have a very sweet, very blessed (not so) lil family. U seem to keep it together so well juggling so many different things and making it look so completely SIMPLE!

The Meyers said...

Love all the swimming pics!!!