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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More of Summer

We love those lazy days when we can drive up the canyon for a "Day Camp" as we like to call it! Nothing beats lounging around in the sun. Watching the kids play in the sunshine. And of course, enjoying the beautiful earth God has given to us!

This is Kennedy doing her bird call. She believes that it works. And for some funny reason it has always gotten birds to fly over head! HA!

 Lukas seems to cool himself down by opening the lunch cooler and hoping right in!

I love when the kids play for hours using their imaginations!!

Love the dirty faces after the kids have played so hard!
We are looking forward to school starting and the crisp coolness of Fall, but will surely miss being able to just play all day!


Becca said...

Whoa, those pictures are so pretty--you need to frame the one of Kennedy blowing the dandelion. I love the one of Savanah and Caleb looking out on the pond.

~Our Hooah Lives~ said...

I love all of them but the dirty face with the binky..omgosh so cute..made me giggle.