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Thursday, February 4, 2010

1st Desert Race of the Season

Well Beau's first race started and ended just like that! 
Mesquite, Nevada baby!
Nice weather....great company.....and Beau getting to do one of the hobbies he loves most,  

It has been fun to let him fulfill his hobby and take it a step further through racing.
Of course I am always somewhat apprehensive for sake of safety.
But if he is happy, I am happy.


Here are some picture highlights~


(His awesome pit crew! THANK YOU)

Can't wait for his next ride Feb. 27th!!!
Good Job BABE!!


Devyn said...

That's so cool that Beau got 1st place!!
Anyways... my new blog is
I just put a link on my family blog.. sorry I haven't done that yet, my heads been other places :)

Christina said...

First of all, way to go, Beau. on the win!! That's awesome!

And second, you are such an amazing and supportive wife, Bonnie. I bet not all wives get excited about the next 'race' like that. Great shots too. I like the dirt kicking up.

Monica said...

Oh what fun!! I was so excited to see that he won keep it up we will keep fast and safe thoughts for you on the 27!!

The Coonsters said...

not bad for an old wasted fetcher with a glass back!