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Monday, February 8, 2010

Grandpa Dean Comes to Visit

We were so excited to have Grandpa Dean here for a visit! 
We miss living closer and getting to see him all the time.
It was so great to have him here.

He was so kind and asked me to draw a closet plan up for the kids rooms so he could custom build some closet organizers.
Have you SEEN my closets? 
Great spaces. But wasted space. 
So it was such a blessing to have his help for these!

Before pix~
Girl's closet
Yes this is really all the stuff I had in there.
I will admit I need to go to CA
Clothing Anonymous!
Yes, my name is Bonnie I am addicted to clothes!
There...I said it!
But in my own defense. 
NINETY % or MORE of my children's clothes come from the DI or second hand clothing stores.

Boys room....
Caleb's closet is huge! So all the toys have been stored in his room!

Look at these HARD WORKERS!!

Girls room AFTER~

They get to keep their own toys in their own room now!
(And bonus...more space for more clothes..shhhh...don't tell)

Boys Room During~
 Grandpa DEAN hard at work!

And after....
Look at all that space. Even a built in computer station!

All I have to do is paint them. But I will save that for summer time.

Some other fun pictures of the kids and Grandpa.
(Dang we didn't get any with grandpa and the older two. Next time)

What a messy face!!

Thanks so much for coming Grandpa. 
For your help on the beautiful closet shelves, for the great conversations, and memories!
Can't wait for your next visit!


Ralph and Annette Perez said...

Nice thing to do. What a cool Gramps.

Lindsey said...

AWESOME and sooo organized! What great work Grandpa Dean and Beau did. Love it!

The Cutlers said...

I love the closets and am so glad dean came and had such a good time! Drew just did built ins for our closets and I LOVE THEM. I love the looking and feeling of organization!!!! I miss you

kari said...

love the closets...beaus dad does not even look old enough to be his dad.

Kristin said...

Woo Hoo for organized closets!!!! I haven't seen Dean in such a long time! Or you guys for that matter LOL!

connie said...

You lucky girl!! I love the closets!

Bunnell's said...

Wow he made his rounds...Cedar City and Kuna in a week! It was nice to see him too...I can't wait to see you guys....sooooon:)

The Rowe Family said...

Wow I am so showing these pics to Cameron so he can get ideas and copy Beau's and his dad's!! Thanks for sharing! :)

anna said...

I am sooo glad that he came and saw you guys. And what a closets!! You lucky lady.

Christina said...

Wow! How fun! I insist on having closet organizers. I couldn't do it without them. You are super organized and can get so much stuff in there now! I always love a good practical project. Yeah for handymen!

Heather's Blog said...

I LOVE your new closets! Nothing better than a good home project that husband and grandpa can help do! So inspiring!

goofiebunnellfamilyblog said...

bonnie -you are so good with a camera--it was so great to see yaa'all

-love grampa dean