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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bad Day

I hate when my kids have a bad day at school.
But it is bound to happen.
Adults have bad days.
So it is natural for kids to have them too!

This beauty came home from school a little distraught!
Stressed out and tired, I knew just the cure!

Savanah loves to have one on one time with mom. 
We talked about her day ,hugged,  and decided that a manicure was in order!

She has such beautiful hands and fingernails. 
(Luckily she didn't get her mom's bad biting habit)

And after~

The instant "cure-all" that works every time to chipper her right back up!
Love this girl!


dhunters said...

Bonnie, you're such a good mom!! I love that you help her to feel better and treat her to a manicure. The nails are super cute! I'm glad that you are teaching her at this age that it is ok to do something nice for her-self.

Lindsey said...

She is such a beauty! She is so extremely blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful and loving mother like you.