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Monday, February 22, 2010

February Highlights

(Warning LONG POST!)

I can't believe that February is almost over!
This month has flown by!

Some of our favorites this month were:

The St. George Visitor Center

The kids and I hit the Visitor center after I did a photography session on Temple Grounds.
It was so peaceful.
A perfect day spent together!

They have a new display on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that was awesome.
The kids and I loved it!

Some awards the Choir has won....

 The kids leading the choir.....

This was a perfect day!

Another fun favorite...
Cooking 101

One of Savanah's goals this year is to become a good cook.
I had kind of forgotten and haven't helped much. But she quickly taught me a valuable lesson.

Savanah has fasted on fast Sunday every Fast Sunday since she has been baptized. We have really been proud of her decision. 
Last Fast Sunday Beau, Savanah, and I all decided to fast together for a common purpose. When we knelt down to open our fast Savanah said " Can we also fast for me?" I asked her what for, slightly panicked that something was wrong. She said very shyly "That I can be a good cook!" My heart about melted and I felt so bad for forgetting to help her more. So we have since had a few basic cooking lessons! 
I wish I could have her childlike faith so easily! 
Gotta love these kids we have all been blessed with. They are so faithful!

So Beau and I decided that at least twice a month we would incorporate cooking into our FHE's.
1st up
Whole Wheat German Pancakes
this little one was fast asleep

Learning to crack eggs and measure milk...check

done baking....check

finished product...check

And the best part...the first bite!

Another fun day was the day the kids had off school.

Picnic @ the PARK
The weather was in the 60's and the park was inviting!
We spent three hours there!
We also ran into to some great friends there.

Our friends daughter. She is such a cute lil' riot!

and another one of Buster.

I also found Buster rummaging this month through the garbage! 
I forget how quickly they start to get into everything. And he is well into that stage!
Looks like leftover Panda was on the menu for him this night!

We also got to see Beau's dad, Dean, sister, Katie, and step mom, Cindy recently.

They were headed back from a vacation in Cali and stopped for a few minutes to say hi!

And Lastly some great
Valentines dinner w/ good friends.
Movie rentals.
Ordering out.
And we also made our boys a  bed for our last date night!
 More to come on  my craft blog!

Over all our month has been full of fun and lots of activity!
We hope you all have had a happy LOVE month also!
I will be updating soon with some other random thoughts!
Until then....



Gina said...

hey bonnie! love love love that you cook with your kids twice a month.
do you always have your eggs in a basket? cute!
beau's step mom cindy looks so familiar... what was her maiden name?

Rivka said...

Life is good, isn't it? I love that little Buster is already a Panda fan!
I wish we lived closer. I miss you!

Christina said...

Oh Bonnie, that is so sweet! Yes, kids have such great faith! You've inspired me to be more patient in teaching my girls in the kitchen. I get so impatient and fussy about messes. Just last night they helped me with both dinner and a dessert and I was so grumpy. Shame on me. Sounds like you had a great month. Can't wait for your next update.

{Lindsey} said...

Mmmm... German pancakes are so delish. Love that they all helped and their "first bite" pictures are way cute.
Luke and Panda...too funny! I think he likes it ;)
Can't wait to see the after pictures on the boy's and Beau are always making something. Love it.

Jenna said...

look at you all busy! I LOVE LOVE all the pics of your kids - that little baby just can't be rumaging through garbage can he!? He's not that big? onw of the cutest messy baby pics ever.

Hanna in the House... said...

Oh my sweet Sav, what a good little example she is. You guys are such good parents Bon. I need to be better, I have fallen short lately. Thanks for the motivation and example you show. Love you guys!


Steve, Dayna and Kids said...

I love that you are so faithful and passionate with your life ant the love you and Beau have for each other just beams off the two of you. I want you to know that I am grateful to have a friend like you that gives me inspiration to do better in life with my marriage, my parenting skills and you more and more each day!!!