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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I HATE the snow

You would think growing up in Idaho I would be missing the snow.
But  I don't. Not even a little.
I love the warmth of the sun.
The sunny park days spent with my children.
The casual clothing that goes hand in hand with warm weather.

But I will admit, when the snow is coming down hard and weighing the branches of a tree with her cool crystallized is magical!

 I do still hate the snow,
but it is kind-of pretty!
Don't you think?


Sabrina said...

The snow made me want to bake cookies or brownies, but ironically today was the only day this week I HAD to leave my house. It is much more a pain in the neck when you have to go out in it. Good to see you the other day!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures...that's the only way I like seeing it ;)
Really though, I don't miss it at.all, but there is something magical about its pure glistening whiteness.

The Coonsters said...

Chilli and donuts I say!

Hanna in the House... said...

I also hate the snow, but I always say that it looks beautiful after it snows! I hate it when its cold, but there is something about untouched, falling snow, that is so mezmerizing! Love the pics Bon, you are so talented!

Jamie said...

I am with you. I hate the snow also, but unfortunately I am still stuck her in Idaho. But I will admit, the other day all the trees were frosted over and it was a gorgeous sight!

Mandy said...

We don't get enough snow here to hate it.....speaking of it though, we just got 4-5 inches unheard of around here. It's SO quiet. NO one leaves their house and the grocery stores are empty the day before. They tend to go into hibernation. :)

What beautiful photos. I miss the snow in the tree's like that.

Jenna said...

it is magical - just not when you're driving in it. :) Those are some beautiful pictures.

Melissa said...

That would be why you need to move here, much better weather!! Awesome pictures though :)