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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

List Queen

I am  a list Queen.
I will readily admit that I make lists every night and throughout the day!
I love the look of a handwritten list.
I love the feel of accomplishment !
I love to push myself and see how much I can accomplish in one day!
Since baby number four, the pushing has gotten me much farther than the couch.
But I am motivated to do better this year!
And get moving!

I am not a scarp-booker by any means.
I use to love it, but since, have found other hobbies I love more!

But I love taking notes.
I love jotting things down.

As part of the New Year I want to stay more organized and really study harder and better. So I made myself these!

A Primary notebook to keep notes and stay better organized!

An Old testament book to study the manual.
Although I love Primary,  I miss the Sunday School and Relief Society. But this year I am going to study the lessons even though I am not there!

I have my yearly goals.
But I also have monthly "mini" goals to! Things to work on and keep me going forward!
So I thought I book to also reflect and right down ideas and progress might help!

And of course my every day TO DO list!
What would I do without those?

Now hopefully I can be a little more organized and get a little more done!
Oh I just love the New Year, don't you?

I am super excited to get back to Photography. It was nice to take a month off....but I am READY to get back to work and share some new ideas!


Christina said...

That's so funny. I'm sitting here with my 5 subject notebook on my lap, adding to my list for the day and some short term goals I need to accomplished. Except mine is just a plain pink notebook, certainly nothing so cute and scrapped together as your adorable notebooks. LOVE them!!!

I'm in Primary too and one of my yearly goals was to study the Sunday School and RS lessons all year too! Getting organized feels so good!

Becca said...

I love your new header! Where did you take that picture of you and Beau? You both look so good, Boogs.

I wish I would have made one of those books when we were scrapping. Maybe next year . . .

Devyn said...

Love love love them! Soooo creative and cute! I share you love (or would it be obsession?) with list making! Can't go through the day with out one :)

kari said...

Awesome books Bonnie! I have made myself books in the past for kinda the same purpose. But with me its because Im horrible with "to do" lists. After a point they actually frustrate me as Im such an "spur of the moment person". So if I make a pretty book Im liable to stick with it a little better, if for any reason but to say, "Dang, thats such a cute book". LOL. Love your talent!!! Maybe I will go make me another book and try again.