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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grateful For Sunday

O.K. I know it is Tuesday but I just barely got a free second to put up my "Grateful" post from Sunday!

So here it is!

Grateful for the Book of Mormon.

The Book Of Mormon seems to bring me peace and solace when I need it most.
I am going to try harder to be more faithful with my reading!

This DOG!

I love our Max-i-boo-boo
He really is the best dog and I couldn't imagine not hearing his howling.


Grateful for the time I have to be on this earth and TRY to better myself.
Time in every day to be surronded by my family.
Time I have to be a mom!
Time to be happy!


Grateful for lamplight.
Outside light.
The Light of the gospel!

What are you Grateful for?


Lindsey said...

Love this post! And I have that same it!
All great things and I am grateful for each and every one of them too :)

Monica said...

Love your posting!! I agree everything on your list and so much more. I am so grateful happy to be alive

sn2001 said...

Great post, there are some many things to be greatful for all around us and I notice so much more when i write them all down. I am thankful for life is all about the boys in my life and i love every minute of it.

Katie Lee said...

I'm grateful for you! :D

Jenna said...

I'm grateful for your blog - it always makes me want to be better. I may have to do a grateful post myself - I could use the reminder.