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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Idaho Part 3 Climbing trees, swimming, swimming, and more swimming

The best thing about my mom and dad's house is all of the fruit trees. Apple trees of all kinds, apricot trees, pear trees, black walnut trees, plum trees, and I am sure I am missing several others! Seriously, it is any child's dream. (In fact, when I was younger my sisters and I played many fun imaginative games that the trees came in handy person favorites..."Island girl"...hahah..remember girls...and secret garden) Our children love the trees just as much and over many years of growth they have so many more branches to climb then we ever did.

(this is Chandler, at the bottom, and Savanah way up at the top)

Savanah fell out of the tree the last week we were there. She was trying to slide down the branches with a jump rope (note to self...never allow jump ropes in trees for so many other reasons!) and fell. She couldn't hardly move or bend for a good day or two. But the second she could she was back up in the trees, just a little more cautious!

The kids also got to swim so much! Grandma has the perfect size pool and hooks up her hose to her wash room to fill it with warm water for the kids. (something she did for us when we were younger too.)

Handsome Emmit
Pretty Savanah
Pretty Chandler climbing
Cutie pie Gabe
We also got to go to the Rexburg Splash Park. One thing I miss about Idaho is all the FREE activities that are available for children. This park is awesome.
~Grandma w/ Caleb
~Caleb under the dumping bucket

~Truman on the slide
~Savanah head first

Plus here is one more preview of more photography I did while in Idaho. Check the rest out by clicking here!


The Gray Gang said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like you guys had loads of fun!!! Your pictures turned out so good!!! I wish we were on your list!

Our little "love"ll bug family said...

I LOVE the crawdads! How fun is that! I'm always up for eating something that still can look at you. Those water parks are way fun. They had them all over in Texas, but not any in Cedar of course. I'm so glad you are home!

The Cutlers said...

Come back!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph Perez said...

I am just howling at the fact that you guys ate the crwadads!! I miss my old pal Jer and all the fun things we did. I feel fortunate to share some of this with you kid!

Rivka said...

Man, I remember sneaking in and out of your room using those old trees. Wasn't it the McIntosh apple one? Fun memories. I miss it there. Let's all move back. What do you say?