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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Idaho Part 2...Tennis and Crawdads

The first week we were in Idaho we were able to go and play tennis almost every night. I let the kids run around the opposite side of the court, while Chris and Hanna taught me and my mom how to play. I love it! I wanted to play every night and day a few times a day! I am not very good...but like any sport...a little practice makes for getting better, right?! So hopefully next time we can practice some more!

Although tennis is a one on one or two on two sport, some nights we played three on three just to include everyone! HA!:) Hanna and Chris are so good!!

Another fun thing the first week was my brother Everett caught Crawdad's with his friends and brought them home. My dad cooked them up and then they were nice enough to share. Oh yummy....they were so good! We cracked the shells and dipped them into butter! DELICIOUS!!! The kids thought they were so cool!

(Keep on reading the next post for more on our first week in Idaho)


Lindsey said...

Okay, so are crawdads like little mini lobsters or what? Is that what they taste like?
You are brave...I would never try one, even if you paid me some money.
You've found another, soon you'll be a pro at that too!!

Jenn and Tyler said...

Seen em, never tasted em... I don't think but they sound really yummy! I love fish! Glad to see you're having some fun, and Hannah to. Are you all ready for tomorrow? My family is going, wish I could be there. Hope it goes well. Tell her I wish her the best.

The Cutlers said...

I am glad you learned how to play tennis. I always have wanted to play... but no such luck. I am so glad you were able to have such a good time. LOVE YA

Kristin said...

I didn't even know you could get crawdads in Idaho. Where at? Yay for tennis!! How fun is that?

The Bunnell Fam said...

They do taste like lobster and shrimp...oh so yummy!!!