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Monday, August 18, 2008

Beau's Fun

The whole reason for the Idaho trip was for the fifty miler! The white cloud adventure!! Beau lives and thinks of nothing else all year round. Due to circumstances with our little niece everyone wanted to be close by the phone in case anything digressed so he was only able to go one night. He wanted to be with all of us so he choose to come back early! He still had a lot of fun and enjoyed the one night trip. He took Savanah and Caleb and they had so much fun!! His dad and sister Katie also went with him for the night.

Beau is already talking about next years trip. Look at these fish! These are just a few of the MANY they caught!
Beau was also able to go biking several times. Once with his friend Malen and twice with my dad and a few of the bro-in-laws. (Chris you were missed! ) Here is an awesome picture he got of all of them!

Here is a small video clip from their ride. I laughed when I watched this 'cause it looks like Beau got "NO AIR" (sorry babe), but my bro-in-law Allen, and Beau both informed me it is the angle of the camera!

Also check out some new nature pictures on my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG~


Lindsey said...

Wow, they caught a lot of fish! Are they trout? It's been sooo long since I've been fishing.
Looks like Savanah and Caleb had a fun time.

Dabell Family said...

The White Cloud area is so beautiful! Those fish are amazing!!

The Shaws said...

I miss fishing with my family! How fun! Those are some nice fish!!

Bunnell's said...

oh how wes wished he could have been there! Hey girly...lake powell trip...PLAN IT OR ELSE!!!hehehe

Love ya,


KJWilsons said...

Nice fish guys!