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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Caleb's 9

Another year gone. Sigh. Time seems to just speed up when I want it to go slower. 
My little boy is growing up.  Why oh why can't a freeze time? It would be the best super power!
We had a small little family party {since I am due any day}

 Here are the top 9 things we LOVE about our Caleb in no particular order
1. He is adorable, handsome, and such a good looking boy.
2. He is determined. He works hard when he wants something done.
3. He likes to work with mom. He is my photography assistant and has gotten very good at it too!
4. He is SUPER smart. He excels at math.
5. He is talented. He is good at almost everything he tries. {I am sure #2 has a lot to do with that}
6. He is a good kid. 
7. He is a worry wart. Really he worries over things like Lukas getting stolen, Kennedy getting lost, someone bullying Savanah. Most of the time they are things that most likely won't happen, but he worries about his family just the same.
8. He loves to be outside. Lots of boys we know are stuck in front of the TV or video games, he likes that stuff, but 85% of the time he likes to be outside. He is an expert tree climber, an awesome skateboarder, a daring bikerider, and a great bird watcher.
9. We love that he is OURS! HE blesses our lives everyday with his personality!

We love you Caleb!

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